Avon Success
Your success is completely up to you. You can know everything there is to know about Avon and Internet Marketing, and still fail if you do not take action. You can also be the hardest worker on the planet, but if you don’t do things correctly you also fail. So the key to your success is to educate yourself and apply it through dedicated action.

The key behind my on line success is that I think of myself as a Affiliate Marketer and Drop Shipper more than I do as an Avon Representative. For those of you not familiar with those terms I will explain. Affiliate Marketing is when an Internet Marketer promotes products online through their website and receives a commission for each sale made through their website. A Drop Shipper is an Internet Marketer that has an online web store where they sell product, but never handle a single item. A Drop Shipper simply marks up the price of a product, takes the order, and then submits and pays the processing warehouse to package and ship the item. They keep the difference in price as profit and never have to lift a finger. Many very successful online stores are run by Drop Shippers and some Affiliate Marketers make millions per year. However we are Avon Internet Marketers which is a combination of Affiliate Marketer and Drop Shipper.

Let me back up for a minute and explain how people make money from the internet. There are three factors in making money online.

  • 1.Having a website
  • 2.Getting people to come to your website
  • 3.Selling a products from your website

Having a website may seem like a difficult and intimidating task if you are not experienced. However if you can send an email you have all the skill required to build a website. There are many tools and resources available on the Internet for free. For example you can set up a website with Blogger or WordPress in a matter of minutes.

Getting people to your website is what this blog is all about. Internet Marketing and at its root is simply about driving traffic to your website.

The product you are selling is Avon.

What I have done is taken strategies used by Affiliates Marketers and Drop Shippers and applied them to Avon. This is also why the code I offer in the book is so valuable. The code allows you to market Avon online in an entirely new way that gives you the control you need to succeed.

One thing I realized early on is that Avon stays on top of trends and this makes my work that much easier. For example as an Affiliate Marketer I had to do my own product research and try to find products that would sell. Avon does all that for you and shortens your research time dramatically. If Affiliate Marketers catch onto this system they will be signing up as Avon E-Reps by the hundreds. The truth is that the opportunity to use Avon as an Affiliate / Drop Shipper is a huge secret that evens the playing field for many Reps.

You don’t have to be college educated, live in a big city, or even be a good face to face salesman to be a good E-Rep. You just have to be creative and dedicated. Your creativity allows you to pick products, and write original copy. Your dedication keeps you informed, motivated, and active.

You may not become an overnight Internet success, but if you stick to it you will see progress every month and before you know it you will be earning money online. Of course the opposite is just as true when it comes to the internet, you may become an over night success and be making thousands a month.

  1. Verona Myrie (Reply) on Wednesday 7, 2010

    This is very helpful. Please teach me more because I would love to become a successful affiliate publisher with Avon