Promoting products with just a text description and image can be tough for your visitors to really see the quality of a product. One solution is to make video reviews of products you are promoting on your blog. Creating a youtube channel and and including a link to your blog is also a great way [...]

I am always looking for new perspectives to better my approach to Social Networking Marketing, and ran across the book Success Secrets Of The Social Media Marketing Superstars. The book features the insight of 20 of todays social media elite. It is a great read and was hard for me to put down so I [...]

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Part of your Off-Page SEO plan should be to create quality back links. In the log term quality back links will improve your websites page ranking, and in the short term it will help get your website indexed and listed on search engines. There are a few ways to get back links from participating in [...]

You are practicing strong marketing fundamentals, your blog titles are strong, your copy grabs the visitor’s attention, and the product is prominently displayed in each post. The next step is to tell you visitors exactly what to do. You need a clear message or “call to action”. The action is to convert their visit into [...]

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On Page SEO is how you prepare your blog or website for maximum search engine attention. Your E-Rep homepage does not allow you to have the kind of control you need to do On Page SEO effectively so this article is aimed at E-Reps Bloggers. You should think of each product you pick to blog [...]

Blogger makes it easy to customize your blog layout. I ran across this video and though I would share it. If you want to learn more about Blogger Designs you can click here.